Values ​​Oriented Learning (VOL)


Values ​​Oriented Learning (VOL) is conducted regularly every 1.5 – 2 months at One Earth School. In this learning program, all students are divided into five large groups and each group consists of kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school students. The Middle school students are assigned to be the group leaders and they are responsible for looking after their younger brothers/sisters. High school students have responsibility as teachers’ assistants to prepare the media and help their teachers during the VOL’s activities. Each group has opportunity to visit five stations consecutively and be involved in all activities conducted by each station. Activity in each station starts with silent sitting, prayers and singing.


By conducting the activities of One Earth Values-based Education, students will

  1. Practice and apply the values taught at One Earth School: Inner Peace, Communal Love and Global Harmony, together with all the sub-values.
  2. Foster a sense of brotherhood and empathy among One Earth School students from kindergarten to high school.



One Earth School Expo and Open House are conducted once a year.  The aim of this activity is to introduce our school to parents/prospective students so that they will have a holistic understanding of values-based education at One Earth School.

The activity will inspire students’ creativity and practice teamwork as well as improving their independence and discipline. Students’ confident and public speaking skills will also be enhanced by presenting school programs in front of parents/visitors.

Values Oriented Learning And Expo & Open House July 21, 2020