General Code of Conduct

  1. One Earth School (OES) does not discriminate prospective students related to application process, the criteria used in order to decide which prospective students are accepted, and the prerequisite  on which a person is admitted as students.
  2. OES opens an enrollment for all families who need education for their children subject to the availability of a place, a signed application form, and an agreement to obey the school’s rules.
  3. OES requests parents to be actively involved and committed to the school vision, mission, values, and policies.
  4. OES complies Indonesia anti-discrimination law and does not discriminate prospective students/students based on religion, ethnicity, sexual preference or marital status.
  5. If OES needs further information about the prospective students, the school may ask parents to give authorization to the principal or his/her representative to contact the principal of previous school to get additional information and any medical or other personnel which provides important information related to the needs of the student.
Enrolment Policy May 31, 2020